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Rapture leverages the latest advancements in blockchain technology to reflect and promote the values of grace, hope, faith, and service.


Rapture was created by a small handful of developers that shared a vision –  that the blockchain could be utilized for true good. It is a blockchain cryptocurrency project that focuses on charitable giving. It was developed to reflect and promote the values of grace, hope, faith, and service. We are using the latest blockchain technology in a very real and practical way, and in doing so are providing benefit to those in need, and providing a new opportunity for people to achieve financial independence.

In a brief overview, Rapture is:

  1. A stable and inflation-proof currency ecosystem, free from external manipulation by banking monopolies and the fluctuations of commodities, stocks, and other financial instruments.
  2. A modern method to promote the values of grace, hope, faith, and service.
  3. A currency system with a built in method to directly benefit charities worldwide.

Rapture is also an excellent way to reach younger generations – for it bears telling that even in this high tech world, faith is as beneficial, relevant, and important as ever.

Rapture capitalizes on the faith and steadfastness of good people from all walks of life. As the word is spread and Rapture is adopted by more and more people, the currency accrues more and more value.

Rapture features a community-based governance system that allows stake-holders to create and vote on proposals that will shape the future direction of Rapture. Once the blockchain matures (approx 1 year after launch), a budget system will allocate funds on a monthly basis for projects such as feature additions, marketing and outreach. Funds will also be allocated for causes beyond the blockchain, such as providing micro-loans and funding missions. Stake-holders can submit proposals and budget allocations to be voted on and projects are funded once a consensus has been reached.


October 2017

  • concept development
  • outreach and team build

December 2017

  • completion of market analysis
  • blockchain development and testing
  • identity design
  • focus group study

January 2018

  • proof of work, master nodes, block explorer, wallets
  • website and marketing materials for public use


  • initial exchange listings (stocks.exchange, southxchange live, cryptobridge)  [completed]
  • additional listings (Coinmarketcap, Masternodes.pro, KuCoin)  [in progress]
  • Whitepaper   [in progress]
  • “For beginners” educational series, as outreach to those new to the blockchain  [in progress]
  • CharityNode program beta launch   [completed]
  • first charity partnerships in CharityNode beta   [in progress]
  • further website development  [in progress]
  • development of web and paper wallets   [in progress]
  • air drops, bounties  [ongoing]
  • development of infrastructure for secure printed Rapture gifting cards   [in progress]
  • development of HelpingHand voucher program  [in progress]
  • language translations for website  [in progress]


  • initial sale of secure printed Rapture gifting cards
  • development of Rapture Verified Merchant program and incentives for merchant participation
  • official release of HelpingHand voucher program


  • release of  Rapture mementos (keychains, framed imagery, etc)


  • voting functionality goes online

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