Prosper. Foster. Elevate.
These words embody the goals of the Rapture Project. Prosperity for all. Fostering the change we want to see in this world. Elevating not only ourselves, but also those in need. These are the guiding foundations of the Rapture Project.

The Rapture Project was created by a small team that shared a vision — that the blockchain could be utilized for true good in the world. That a system of currency could benefit not only those who use it, but also those in need.

The blockchain has rapidly emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies, having the potential to change the world of finance and currency as we know it. Some of the greatest strengths of the blockchain are speed, security, transparency, and decentralization.

Rapture aims to bring this powerful technology to the mainstream, and more specifically, to charities, non-profits and humanitarian organizations worldwide.

While it may seem an overly bold statement, Rapture aims to create a currency that benefits not only the people that use it, but the world community as a whole. It’s our vision of what currency should be, in contrast to the global fiat system we are currently enslaved under, a system that only serves to enrich central banks, governments, and the financial elite.

As a system of currency, Rapture eliminates the third parties that fiat requires us to transact through – which greatly improves the cost (it’s effectively zero-fee), and speed (near-instantaneous) of sending transactions. Rapture is not owned by any one entity – it can be thought of as a co-op, run by the people who use it.

In addition to being useful for investing as well as a means of transacting, the issuance of crypto-currencies are on a fixed schedule that all participants are in consensus with. Unlike fiat, there is no “printing press” that can be fired up to generate more currency on the whims of the hidden actors.

While there are other blockchain projects that claim a charitable component, Rapture has a very direct and concrete approach for achieving these goals.