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Our Team

Drew – RaptureDev

Our lead developer’s first introduction to code was using GW Basic on an 8086 computer in the early 90’s (when not adventuring in Space Quest or Kings Quest). In the decades following, he has gained extensive experience on the technical side of the motion picture industry, contributing to the tools and applications that have helped create some of the most memorable moments in major movies in recent years. His fascination with the blockchain began in the early days of Bitcoin and his involvement in Rapture was born from his passion for the potential of blockchain technology and the positive impact it could have on people’s lives.

Rebecca James

Born in Canada, and has lived in the US for over 10 years. Baptised Catholic, yet currently identifies as a non-denominational, Becca prefers to focus on the values and goals that all people of faith share. Becca has a professional background in design and photography, and has previously worked for tech companies and the energy sector, and she is now focused on using blockchain technology to directly support charities – CharityNodes were Becca’s idea!

Martin Mizzell

Gave his life to Christ in 2002 and was immediately delivered from drug addiction. Father of 4 children – 3 boys and and a girl. Met his wife on eHarmony! Born and raised in Texas. A little bit redneck and a lot geek. Martin enjoys time with his family and learning new skills. He has been developing software for 15 years and has worked for companies improving their b2b systems as a consultant, senior engineer and architect. Among Martin’s development experiences, he helped GameStop implement their points reward and redemption system. Martin is excited to be a part of the Rapture team!