The Rapture Project Team

In 2017, a very small group of developers began collaborating on idea that the revolutionary blockchain technology, that is proving itself to be a game changer, could be a very useful tool for communities that aim to make positive change in the world. The team was steadfast in their belief that the project should be grassroots in nature. In a time where the landscape is dominated by ICOs full of empty promises and vaporware, the goal was to establish a healthy blockchain, develop a strong community, start supporting and integrating charities as early as possible, and build from that point forwards.

Within the first 3 months of going live, Rapture grew to its current team of 3 core members and 4 contributing members based in the United States, Canada, Austria, and Brazil. We continue to grow and are always reaching out, and being contacted by others with shared values and who can contribute. We will continue to expand the team and diversify both our international coverage as well as our coverage of skills and specialties.

Core Team

Rapture Lead Developer

Our lead developer’s first introduction to code was using GW Basic on an 8086 computer in the early 90’s (when not adventuring in Space Quest or Kings Quest). In the decades following, he has gained extensive experience on the technical side of the motion picture industry, contributing to the tools and applications that have helped create some of the most memorable moments in major movies in recent years. His fascination with the blockchain began in the early days of Bitcoin and his involvement in Rapture was born from his passion for the potential of blockchain technology and the positive impact it could have on people’s lives.

Rebecca James
Content Manager, Designer

Born in Canada, and has lived in the US for over 10 years. Baptised Catholic, yet currently identifies as a non-denominational, Becca prefers to focus on the values and goals that all people of faith share. Becca has a professional background in design and photography, and has previously worked for tech companies and the energy sector, and she is now focused on using blockchain technology to directly support charities – CharityNodes were Becca’s idea!

Thiago Conrado, PhD
Innovation Solutions and South America Rep

As God believer and an active catholic he considers charity the best way to say thanks to God for everything that he has achieved. Born and raised in Brazil he understands deeply the necessity to fight poverty, hunger and corruption. As a research scientist with his PhD degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding he advocates that technology is the way to make the world a better place. His desire to build efficient and low cost processes that shall promote social inclusion of people with lower economic power fomented the creation of two user services that also generate continuous and stable donations to non-profit organizations: CharitySharing and the Rapture Hot Wallet Service.

Contributing Members

Martin Mizzell
iOS Wallet Development

Gave his life to Christ in 2002 and was immediately delivered from drug addiction. Father of 4 children – 3 boys and and a girl. Met his wife on eHarmony! Born and raised in Texas. A little bit redneck and a lot geek. Martin enjoys time with his family and learning new skills. He has been developing software for 15 years and has worked for companies improving their b2b systems as a consultant, senior engineer and architect. Among Martin’s development experiences, he helped GameStop implement their points reward and redemption system. Martin is excited to be a part of the Rapture team!

Matt Sanders
Community support

Matt was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Brought up in an Anglican family, but currently identifying as agnostic, Matt discovered cryptocurrency in late 2017 during a seasonal break from his day to day job, roofing. Since his introduction into the industry Matt has made great progress in the field, improving on technical skills and applying the knowledge from his Property Management and Marketing background to expand his position in cryptocurrency. Matt started out as an active community member of Rapture and his contributions and commitment to the project have been incredibly valuable and appreciated.

Brandon Cerra
Community engagement

Experienced, hands on, and business minded generalist with a demonstrated history of efficiency improvements and creating transparency in daily work environments. Skilled in creating profitability, efficiency, and use of technology in a business environment. Highly driven to enter into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space full time.

Advisory Group

In addition to the core team, in April we established a broader advisory group containing around 10 members of like-minded individuals. This group has been an amazing source of great ideas and they have made significant contributions to the development of the project. We aim to continue growing the team and there is an open door for anyone that is passionate about the project’s goals and is interested in contributing, whether it be at the dev level as a coder or on a social level, reaching out and connecting us to organizations in need.