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What is Rapture digital currency? 2018-01-27T15:24:42+00:00

Rapture digital currency is a highly secure and flexible method of payment that furthers the economic strength of the community itself. With no connection to the manipulation and corruption of the global banking and financial cartels, Rapture provides a way for believers to store value, exchange value, transact, and spread the word to the masses. 

Rapture has three core goals:

To provide secure blockchain technology leveraged by Christians around the world

To create a built-in market for tract and gift sales, which gives Christians a platform for spreading their message while increasing value of the currency

To serve as a convenient method of payment among Christians, which increases the community grant fund for outreach and missionary programs

What is digital currency? What is the blockchain? 2018-01-19T04:27:05+00:00

Digital currency, or specifically cryptographic currency, is similar to traditional fiat currency but it exists purely in a digital form. It’s main advantages are that it allows for instantaneous, extremely low cost transactions. It is also borderless and does not accrue foreign transaction fees. The blockchain is a highly secure digital ledger that contains all transactions and amounts for the entire history of the currency. Crypto-currencies also have inherent features such as a pre-defined rate of production and maximum supply, which helps control inflation and prevents the currency from being generated in vast amounts out of thin air.

Isn’t this like creating money out of nothing? 2018-01-19T16:54:54+00:00

Rapture are created using a fixed schedule and rate. All Rapture are generated through a process known as proof-of-work, where powerful computers process complex algorithms in order to “mint” Rapture. The hardware, infrastructure, and energy cost involved in the creation of each Rapture are one component of it’s value. Like growing crops and other commodities, Rapture takes resources to generate. Rapture’s algorithms constantly adjust to the amount of computer processing being used to mint, so doubling the amount of processing power will not create twice the amount of Rapture. Unlike central banks that simply enter digits into a computer to create more currency out of thin air (leading to hyperinflation), this is not possible with Rapture.

Is Rapture supposed to replace fiat currency? 2018-01-19T04:33:42+00:00

Rapture is not intended to be a replacement for traditional fiat currency, but can be embraced as an alternative that doesn’t make big banks richer and doesn’t help fund endless wars. The corruption, greed, and hidden forces that use fiat to further their agendas have no place in Rapture. Digital currency such as Rapture, can be thought of as a complementary currency, or a community currency – of which there are many different kinds in use. Wikipedia has an excellent overview of other complementary currencies.

Where can I get Rapture digital currency? 2018-01-27T16:22:16+00:00

Please visit Get Rapture for all the ways you can currently participate in Rapture!

When will I be able to purchase Rapture gift cards, as pictured on your website? 2018-01-19T04:34:57+00:00

We are currently in development for an easy and secure direct-buy of specially printed Rapture gift cards (also known as “tracts”). We know they will make for a very effective method of outreach, and look forward to releasing the gift sales program. Stay tuned!

Where do I store my Rapture digital currency? 2018-01-19T04:35:33+00:00

Rapture, like most modern crypto currencies, are eternally stored in the highly secure environment of the blockchain. With proper management of your Rapture wallet and keys, there is almost no way for your Rapture to ever be lost or stolen.

Where can I use Rapture digital currency? 2018-01-19T04:36:02+00:00

As Rapture continues to grow in value, we will be incentivizing businesses to adopt Rapture as a form of fast, secure, and easy payment. Soon you will be able to use Rapture in the same way you might use a debit or credit card!

Can I exchange my Rapture digital currency for US cash? 2018-01-27T16:19:20+00:00

Yes! We are currently listed at SouthXchange and Stocks.exchange

Why is it called Rapture? 2018-01-27T15:18:17+00:00

The name Rapture was chosen as it evokes a strong feeling. Rapture in a literal sense, has great meaning to many believers. However, some believers focus on different aspects of Christianity. To some, the word “rapture” describes the exhilarating joy they feel in their closeness to God, and in the good works they do in this world. No matter what specific beliefs a Christian might hold, we feel strongly that it’s our relationship with God that binds us all together. With open arms and accepting hearts, we can accomplish extraordinary good in this world. We are stronger together.

Is Rapture digital currency only for Christians? 2018-01-27T16:08:24+00:00

While Rapture was developed as a Christian currency system, we encourage all to participate. Rapture is a way to utilize the latest blockchain technology to do positive things in this world.

Anyone that participates in Rapture digital currency will witness the awesome power of the Christian community. Rapture is designed as an effective way to reach all people, to show them how glorious it is to live in God’s way, and to do good.

There are so many different ways to be Christian – is Rapture for all Christians? 2018-01-27T16:03:54+00:00

Yes! We believe that our relationship with God is the common ground that binds all Christians together. Rapture digital currency is a way for all Christians to work together and accomplish incredible and positive things in this world. Together we are stronger. Together we can do more.

Are all of the developers on your team true believers? 2018-01-27T15:56:23+00:00

We have not limited our team at Rapture to only Christians – we believe in embracing all faiths. Being inclusive is a beautiful way to show our dedication to Jesus and His teachings, and helps us reach those that have yet to open their heart to God.

For those with concerns about what may happen AFTER The Rapture, rest assured that we have considered this scenario. It may be difficult to understand, but it is actually beneficial to have team members that will be left behind after The Rapture, as they will be able to continue maintenance and development for others that have not yet come to faith. There are differing opinions as to whether those left behind will get a second chance – but we at Rapture want to plan for such an act of mercy, and our digital currency is a great tool for survival during the Tribulation. It serves as a testament of faith, and those left behind will have an avenue of redemption at their disposal.

But what happens with Rapture digital currency AFTER the Rapture happens? 2018-01-27T15:35:52+00:00

The truth is that we must accept that we simply can’t know when the Rapture will occur. The most important thing we can do is spread the gospel while we are here, and attempt to save any many souls as we can. This is one of the main goals of Rapture – to reach the masses and bring them to faith. Another benefit of Rapture, is the legacy it leaves for those that may be left behind – it is a testament of our faith, and a tool for survival. While we can benefit from Rapture digital currency today, it is also a gift of mercy and possibly redemption for the Christians of tomorrow. After the Rapture, those left behind will immediately realize the truth that they had previously rejected. Those that had participated in Rapture as a non-believer, or had been gifted Rapture, will have a resource and tool that will help with survival and possibly salvation. Rapture digital currency will also serve as a safe form of currency during the Tribulation. Rapture is a private and secure method of transacting, which will be ever more important for those left behind.

I don’t know much about all this digital currency stuff – how can I get involved? 2018-02-01T19:45:38+00:00

A really easy way to get involved is to visit our “Spread the word” page, and use our free resources to tell everyone you know about Rapture!

Visit our “Giving” page and learn how charities can benefit from our CharityNode beta program – tell your favorite charity about us!

To learn more about digital currency, please visit our “for beginners” page, as it might be easier than you think to get involved with Rapture digital currency!

Are you a new church? Do you have a church affiliation? 2018-01-19T04:39:54+00:00

We are not a new church, nor are we public about any specific church affiliation. Our mission is to develop a digital currency that will be used for good in this world, and to bring people to faith. We encourage everyone that wants to learn more about Christ, to click on “Find a Church near you” and avail themselves to the truth that awaits.