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WALLET VERSION 1.1.2 [04.30.2018]

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“Whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,
‘This is the way; walk in it.’”

Isaiah 30:21


October 2017

  • concept development
  • outreach and team build

December 2017

  • completion of market analysis
  • blockchain development and testing
  • identity design
  • focus group study

January 2018

  • proof of work, master nodes, block explorer, wallets
  • website and marketing materials for public use


  • initial exchange listings (stocks.exchange, southxchange live, cryptobridge)  [completed]
  • additional listings (Coinmarketcap, Masternodes.pro, KuCoin)  [in progress]
  • Whitepaper   [in progress]
  • “For beginners” educational series, as outreach to those new to the blockchain  [in progress]
  • CharityNode program beta launch   [completed]
  • first charity partnerships in CharityNode beta   [in progress]
  • further website development  [in progress]
  • development of web and paper wallets   [in progress]
  • air drops, bounties  [ongoing]
  • development of infrastructure for secure printed Rapture gifting cards   [in progress]
  • development of HelpingHand voucher program  [in progress]
  • language translations for website  [in progress]


  • initial sale of secure printed Rapture gifting cards
  • development of Rapture Verified Merchant program and incentives for merchant participation
  • official release of HelpingHand voucher program


  • release of  Rapture mementos (keychains, framed imagery, etc)


  • voting functionality goes online