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heads up!! Rapture electrum server is up and running at its permanent home. This means that you don't need to be running a local Rapture wallet to perform atomic swaps on @BarterDex .

$RAP is now listed on @CryptoCliff's very excellent masternode site! We know Cliff is very selective about the projects he lists and we're thrilled that @MasternodeL reached out to @RAP_Project!


#rapture #altcoin #charity #masternodes #payitforward

$Rap #Rapture roaches this mn project is a look worth - charity nodes ! thats really amazing and they have a nice community where u get help when needed. @RAP_Project focused on supporting and integrating charitable organizations - charity is what crypto needs - enough greed 🙂

@RAP_Project @crypto_chicks @GemCrypto Thought you might appreciate this one

Thank you @RAP_Project for having us as a partner in your #CharityNode.
You can now support our organization through a donation via the $RAP wallet.

Excited to announce that our newest CharityNode Partner is the amazing @crypto_chicks! Incredible respect for the work they're doing in the crypto space and we're very proud to be supporting this wonderful team!

Full details and press release: https://t.co/KfDss9Dfk7

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